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Honey Comb Salon

Branding and Visual Language Project

logo design, branding, and product design for


612 SE Jackson St, Unit 10, Roseburg, Oregon 97470


1 week design and distribution timeline


With a new business comes the need for a new identity. After being approached to help with the visual identity of the salon it was important to have an open line of communication throughout the process. The time frame of the entire branding project was 7 days. This deadline was tight in order to give the clients substantial time to print the window and wall graphics along with service menus and business cards. 24 hours into the process the clients were given 4 original logos to choose from and comment on and then the final process of production was started. This included the following:

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Environmental Graphics

Vinyl decals for the windows and doors were designed to give the space a coherent feel. The color scheme of the honeycomb pattern and logo were based on the existing wall colors chosen by the client. 

Honeycomb salon name.jpg

Logo and Font

The logo and font design were chosen after a brief discussion on appropriate feel of the new salon. The logo combines a honey bee with a comb to give the salon a modern and playful feel.                                                                                          

Honey Comb Salon Business Cards.jpg

Business Cards

Business cards for each employee were designed using the logo and honeycomb pattern.

Honey comb Salon Service menu.jpg

Service Menu

A service menu was designed for door application as well as a handheld version for guests to look at upon arrival. The service menu integrates the customized font as well as the logo and honeycomb pattern to give users a one stop shop of the brand itself.

Honeycomb Salon Stickers.jpg


Two designs of takeaway stickers were designed based on the business cards honeycomb and logo pattern. 

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Social Media Content

A series of social media content for Facebook and Instagram was produced including open house reminders and fun quotes. Profile pictures and cover photos were also included.